Teen and Child Therapy

Adolescence can be a trying time for teenagers as they mature emotionally and try to handle new responsibilities in school, at home, and in planning for the future. It becomes all the more difficult if a teen is going through another issue like their parents getting divorced, difficulty learning in school, or losing an old group of friends. Sometimes just being able to talk to an adult who isn’t their parent can help them process everything going on in their world and make positive changes.

My approach is to first listen, and then help adolescents and children find solutions that can work for them. I’ve been working with teens and children for over 21 years as a private-practice psychologist and a consultant for area school districts.

When working with teens and children I think it is important to keep parents in the loop so a lot of times I will meet with parents for at least part of the session so that they can bring up any concerns that they have.

What to Look For

» Withdrawal
» Social problems
» Drop in grades
» Excess worry
» Sadness that lingers especially if there doesn’t appear to be a particular reason for it
» Irritability and anger outbursts
» Change in friends
» Change in behavior that is not normal for that child.